Industry Snapshot:

The Indian telecommunications (Telecom) industry is the fastest growing market in the world. The industry has played a vital role in India's growth story, and within the services sector, the telecom sector has been the major contributor to India's growth, accounting for nearly 3.6% of total GDP in FY10. The fast track growth in the domestic telecom market has attracted significant investments which are expected to grow with the entry of new players and launch of new services.

Latest services such as 3G and WiMax would further help stimulate growth rate in the sector. With the ongoing investments into infrastructure deployment, the country is projected to see high penetration of internet, broadband and mobile subscribers. Mobile value added services (VAS) such as text or SMS, menu-based services, downloading of music or ring tones, mobile TV, videos and other m-commerce applications, is poised to grow 20%, according to an industry report.

The sector includes fixed line telephony, mobile telephony, internet (wireless, broadband, 3G) and telephone equipment.

Talent Challenges:

The high growth potential in the sector, makes it a highly sought after sector by professionals. Despite the availability of skilled professionals in the industry, entry of new players disturbs the demand supply equilibrium, and companies are often seen struggling in recruiting and retaining talent owing to multiple opportunities available in the market.

The market is highly competitive and industry players need senior and middle level talent to successfully lead companies. The presence of right leaders is crucial to all stakeholders across the value chain - operators, services providers, network operators and equipment providers.