Consumer and Services

Industry Snapshot:

The Indian Retail Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors - domestically as well as internationally. The sector, basically divided into organised and unorganised segments, has different formats for different purposes and customers. Major organised retail formats include Hypermarkets/ Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Convenience Stores, Shopping malls, E-retailer, Specialty Stores.

Organised retailing is manpower intensive and is the second largest employer in India. The current scenario indicates that there will be a very high demand for manpower to match the scope of plans of various retailers in the near future. Organised retailing is also seen generating a great deal of indirect employment such as security, electrical and mechanical maintenance, property management services.

Talent Challenges:

The sector is currently facing a talent crunch because of non availability of the talent required on such a large scale and a lack of training facility for the same. Though India has a vast pool of qualified human resources with the required education and motivation to undertake challenging tasks, there is a greater need for middle and senior level management. Management professionals from industries such as FMCG, telecom, BPO, and hospitality are increasingly being seen as suitable sectors to draw talent from. The sector is facing competency gaps in various key areas like supply chain management, vendor development and customer relations management.